Our Vision

Meningie Area School

Our Vision

We work together to achieve our potential

We will achieve this through:

  • Providing a safe, stable, and encouraging environment for all students.
  • Providing equitable opportunities for all and commitment to improving learning outcomes for all students.
  • Strengthening connections with our wider community
  • Embracing flexible learning opportunities and accrediting learning from different contexts.
  • Commitment to professionalism and professional growth within all staff.
Meningie Area School - We work together to achieve our potential
Meningie Area School SAPSASA
Meningie Area School - Providing a safe, stable, and encouraging environment for all students.
Meningie Area School

Our Mission

We provide high-quality education and personal development opportunities that equip our students to identify and embrace their potential, preparing them for a successful future.

We will do this by:

  • Understanding students learn in different ways and supporting students individual learning needs.
  • Assisting students to develop inquiring minds that will foster life long learning.
  • Providing flexible learning pathways and programs that develop capabilities to support future aspirations.
  • Supporting the holistic development of each student by providing a balance of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development learning opportunities.
  • Embracing cultures in our community, encouraging respect for social diversity and inclusion.
Meningie Area School

Our Motto

Achieving our Way - Winani namawi palurmi


Acknowledges that all students possess inherent and unique strengths, abilities, skills and passions and that these can be shaped and developed to crate bright, inspiring futures and career opportunities for all

Meningie Area School

Our Values

Meningie Area School


We will show determination in our approach to teaching and learning by fostering a growth mindset that embraces tenacity, independence, flexibility, and resilience.

Our students strive to achieve success in their learning outcomes, life skills development and individual wellbeing.

Our staff demonstrate determination through continual growth and professional development, and through their support for students.

We persist though challenges to achieve our goals.

Meningie Area School


We work collaboratively to deliver quality, contemporary education and learning opportunities that prepare our students for a vibrant future.

Our students are supported by staff and their peers throughout their learning journey to identify, work towards and achieve their individual potential.

We recognise and honour our place in our community, our heritage and our cultural connections. We work together with our community to create positive outcomes that benefit the future of our students, our school and our area.

We are united in our shared purpose of learning and growing. We embrace diversity in all its forms. We value each individual and their unique lived experiences, knowledge and skills.

Meningie Area School


Respect is the foundation from which we teach and learn, enabling teachers and students to form a learning relationship based on trust, honesty, integrity and mutual understanding. We recognise respect is reciprocal.

Meningie Area School


We embrace kindness in our interactions with others. We demonstrate this through inclusivity, understanding, compassion and courtesy for one another.

We persist though challenges to achieve our goals.

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