Daily Routines

Meningie Area School


Students should not be on school grounds before 8.30am on any day as before this there are no teachers on duty in the yard.

The school day begins at 8.40am with the first siren to remind students to get ready to enter their class. A second siren at 8.45am is the signal that students need to be lined up ready to enter their class.

Secondary School students have a home group session until 8.55am when they begin their first lesson for the day.

Recess time is from 10.35am to 10.55am.

Lunch is from 12.35pm until a warning siren at 1.15 pm which reminds students to have a drink and go to the toilet before making their way to their class and being ready to start lessons again at 1.20 pm.

Secondary students have home group from 3.00pm until 3.05pm when the siren signals the end of the day for all students.

The buses leave the bus bay at 3.15 pm.

Lesson Times
First Siren 8:40am
Home Group Starts 8:45am
Lesson 1 8:55am
Lesson 2 9:45am
Recess 10:35am
Lesson 3 10:55am
Lesson 4 11:55am
Lunch 12:35pm
First Siren 1:15pm
Lesson 5 1:25pm
Lesson 6 2:10pm
Home Group 3:00pm
End of Day 3:05pm
Buses Depart 3:15pm

Pastoral Care Lessons are held in
Lesson 1 Monday and Lesson 6 Wednesday.

Meningie Area School

Getting to School

Students who live more than 5km from Meningie Area School are entitled to bus travel.
There are three bus services:

  1. Ashville
  2. Field
  3. Raukkan

If you have to drive more than 5km to the closest bus pick up you may be eligible for an allowance. Please see our administration staff in the Front Office for bus information, applications to catch a bus and information on allowances.

Meningie Area School


Meningie Area School does not have a canteen. We encourage families to provide healthy snacks, lunch and water bottle. We encourage families to minimise packaging by using reusable containers to support sustainability and minimise litter.

Lunch orders can be placed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through Freshies Café via online ordering.

Orders must be placed by 10am.

Meningie Area School


Students are expected to wear:

  • School T-shirt and jumper with black pants and covered shoes.
  • A school dress is available.
  • Broadbrimmed hats are to be worn at recess and lunch and in outdoor learning such as Physical Education and Agriculture.

In 2024 all students will be provided with a T-shirt and Jumper with the new logo.

Meningie Area School Secondary Education
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