Meningie Area School

Meningie Area School has a range of communication for parents:


    School broadcasts, newsletters and CONSENT forms are sent to your email via EDSMART.

  • Newsletters

    Are published three times a term (week 3, 6 and 9), sent via EDMSART and are on the website. A hard copy can be requested.

  • Facebook

    General posts on student success and upcoming events.

  • Staff

    Staff may email individual families with specific information.
    Please respect teacher work-life balance only email staff from 8am – 6pm school days.

  • FROG

    FROG is the Department for Education Learner Management System. Student class programs, resources and information are available to students and families (through the parent portal – link on webpage). The school will transition to this in 2024/2025. Teachers not using FROG will post class notes, resources on Teams which students access through EDPASS (link on webpage)

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