Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal students and families are supported by a team including an Aboriginal Education Teacher, Aboriginal Community Education Officer and Ngarrindjeri language instructor.

The award-winning Ngarrindjeri language program is available to Aboriginal students R-12.

The team also provides and supports cultural learning for all students.

Meningie Area School

Why is the Ngarrindjeri Language Program important for Aboriginal people?

The Ngarrindjeri language program is important for the maintenance and continuity of the Ngarrindjeri language, culture, heritage and the transmission of knowledge. The program also assists in maintaining identity, connecting to country, well-being and self-esteem.

The program provides students with an opportunity to learn about country, identity, kinship, Creation stories, lore and survival. The language is embedded within the lands, waters, sky, spirit world and all living things. The Ngarrindjeri language also provides deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Ngarrindjeri people, culture and country.

Meningie Area School Ngarrindjeri Language Program

It is estimated that there were approximately 500 Aboriginal languages. Today, there are less than 250 languages. The Ngarrindjeri language is currently considered an Endangered Aboriginal language. The sound of the language has survived. The Ngarrindjeri Elders have led the way and have been instrumental in the ongoing efforts to maintain the Ngarrindjeri language.

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