Meningie Area School

There are extensive transition programs available:

  • Meningie Kindergarten to Meningie Area School

    There is a combination of formal and informal transitions. Meningie Kindy visit Meningie Area School regularly for play sessions, library sessions, attending events such as Book Week. There is a formal process for transition with visits of increasing length to support children prepare for school.

  • Raukkan Aboriginal School to Meningie Area School

    Raukkan students attend Meningie Area School fortnightly for two lessons all year. They go into their year level class and complete class work with their peers. Raukkan students are invited to participate in events such as Sports Day, Swim Carnival.

    From week 6, term 3 students transitioning to secondary school attend full day Fridays, and from week 4, term 4 full days Thursdays and Fridays.

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